Release of the building cost index for March was corrected

Date of correction:

Statistics: building cost index

Release: building cost index 2023, March, 14.4.2023

Correction date: 16.05.2023 (klo 08:00)

Description of the correction

In the March data collection for the building cost index some of the price data have not been transferred to the database due to human error and they have not been included in the calculation of the data for March.

The error has influenced the published data as concerns materials, residential building construction and the total index. The corrected database tables (118p, 13ft, 13g8, 13fx, 13g5, 11np, 11nr, 11ns, 11nu, 11nw, 11ny, 11p5, 11p3) and release will be published in connection with the index data for April on 16 May 2023.

Further information

Aaro Laakkonen
Senior Statistician
029 551 3868