Database tables of the statistics on foreign shipping traffic corrected

Statistics: foreign shipping traffic,

Release: foreign shipping traffic, September, 7.11.2023

Correction date: 7.11.2023

corrected database table, identifier and name

Description of the correction

An error influencing the number and gross tonnage of Finnish vessels in vessel traffic and the nationality of vessels transported through the Saimaa Canal was corrected in the database tables of the statistics on foreign shipping traffic.

As a result of the error, especially the number of Finnish vessels was lower than in reality in the database tables. Especially the numbers of vessels from Antigua and Barbudan and the Netherlands were corrected in the Saimaa Canal vessel traffic. The error has not had an effect on the total number of vessels in foreign sea transport.

Further information

Henna Ylimaa
Senior Statistician
029 551 3832