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Statistics on prosecutions, sentences and punishments contain data on punishments imposed by courts of first instance, on those for whom a punishment has been waived, and on dismissed charges. The data are obtained from the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Register Centre and published once a year.


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Persons sentenced in court of first instance by offence category 2009-2022

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A.Offences against property14,76714,68714,74014,91214,26414,94015,23514,78614,51815,61516,52514,15415,53015,465
B.Offence against life and healt10,42410,15310,37910,82010,1839,0918,0737,5956,8896,9726,7635,6066,4026,211
C.Sexual offence545495515560561567547546548533515489572611
D.Offences against public authority and perjury1,9371,8031,7691,7461,6691,6211,5281,5081,4801,6371,8731,5401,6511,888
E. Traffic offences25,81023,29123,04121,70919,27219,10118,66917,61117,27618,41317,20316,10817,55915,560
F.Other offences against the Penal Code8,7549,3629,5639,1658,9718,8618,5218,2468,6099,5689,3729,39610,3339,317
G. Offences against other Acts3,3513,4533,2653,0362,3752,7862,7132,7202,5443,4203,0372,4322,2362,134

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Referencing instructions

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