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Goods transport by road

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Statistics on goods transport by road describe the transport activity of lorries registered in Finland for both private and licensed transport in Finland and abroad. International transport refers to transportation from Finland abroad (exports), from abroad to Finland (imports), from abroad to another foreign country (crosstrade) and within a foreign country (cabotage). The statistical unit is a lorry. The statistics are based on a sample survey conducted quarterly as an electronic inquiry. Each year, the inquiry is directed to altogether 10,000 lorry owners asking them to provide data on their lorries and their use over three or four consecutive survey days. The results of the statistics derive from the data obtained with this inquiry about lorry trips, which are then inflated with statistical calculation methods to correspond with the whole sampling frame and quarter.

Data content

The data of the statistics comply with Regulation (EU) No 70/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on statistics on goods transport by road and are comparable with the statistics of other EU countries.

The statistics contain data on the volumes of transported goods, transport and traffic performances, goods categories, places of departure and destination, and in respect of lorries, their types, weights, carrying capacities, axle loads, and use in private or licensed transport.

The data of the statistics must be kept confidential by virtue of Section 24, Paragraph 1, Sub-paragraph 16 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). According to Section 13 of the Statistics Act (280/2004), Statistics Finland may release data for scientific studies and statistical surveys without data enabling direct identification and data with their identification data to another Finnish statistical authority for the purpose of compilation of statistics on an activity falling within its sphere of influence. In addition to Statistics Finland, the statistical authorities are the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and Finnish Customs.

Classifications used

Transports are classified into private and licensed transports according to vehicle use. Lorries are classified by vehicle type into lorries without trailer, and semi-trailer and full trailer combinations. Transported goods are classified into 45 categories according to a national classification of types of goods. In addition, transports can be classified by age of lorry, axle combination, hazardous goods category, type of cargo, type of trip, and area of departure and destination.

Data collection methods and data sources

The survey data on goods transport by road are collected with electronic questionnaires. They are directed to lorry owners selected by random sampling from the vehicle register. The results obtained with the sample data are expanded with statistical methods to apply to the entire sampling framework and quarter.

Data collections

Updating frequency

The data are produced quarterly.

Time of completion or release

The data are published according to the release calendar.

Time series

Data on domestic road transport are available from 1995 onwards. From 2000, transport performances were calculated by applying Eurostat’s new definition of collection and distribution transport. There are data on international road transport starting from 1996. From 1999 on, the results were calculated from data on individual trips in accordance with Eurostat’s guidelines, whereas previously they were calculated from data on goods consignments. Starting from 2011, the statistical method was changed for both domestic and international transport. The domestic transport data for 2001 to 2010 are re-calculated using the new method and they are combined with data for 2011 and the following years into one time series. The data can be found at: The data are not comparable with earlier released data calculated with the previous methods.


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