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Teachers and other staff

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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The statistics on teachers describe teaching and other school staff according to the situation at the autumn cut-off point of time. The most important variables by which these data are produced are gender, age and education (qualification) of teachers, type of task (headmaster, class teacher, lecturer, part-time teacher, professor, etc.), type of employment relationship (permanent, fixed-term), and industry and municipality of workplace. Persons teaching part-time as a secondary activity, visiting lecturers or the like are not included in the data. In accordance with the Statistics Act, the personal data from which these statistics are compiled are confidential. As a rule, the statistics produced from them are public.

Data content

The statistics contain data on teachers and other school staff according to a cross-section situation in autumn.

Classifications used

The statistical data are classified by Statistics Finland’s, the educational administration’s and international classifications of fields and levels of education, classifications describing educational institutes and by diverse regional and demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

As a rule, Statistics Finland obtains the data on teachers and other school staff from administrative registers. The data on municipal educational institutes are obtained from municipalities’ own personnel administration systems, and those on state educational institutes derive from the personnel register of the State Treasury, while the data relating to private educational institutes come from various pension insurance registers.

Updating frequency

The statistical data are produced annually.

Time of completion or release

The data on teachers are ready approximately 15 to 16 months from the end of the statistical reference time period.

Time series

Compilation of the statistics was started in 1995 and they are released annually. Comparability between different years is weakened by revisions made to the data processing procedures, which accounts for some of the yearly changes.


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