International cooperation


  • Improvement of data comparability
  • Promotion of the use of international statistical data
  • Exchange of experiences between countries and exploitation of the gained knowledge in official statistics
  • Development of statistics, statistical concepts and statistical methods


  • European Union (Commission, ECB)
  • OECD, UN
  • Nordic Countries
  • National statistical institutes of different countries
  • Scientific organisations

Statistical cooperation in the EU

The National Statistical Institutes of the EU Member States and the Statistical Office of the European Union, Eurostat, collectively make up the European Statistical System (ESS). Its task is to produce statistics for EU organs, develop and harmonise the statistics compiled in the Member States, and prepare statistical legislation.

Reliable, comparable statistics provided by the Member States are vitally important for decision-making, monitoring and evaluation within the European Union. The areas where statistics are utilised include

  • Forming of economic and monetary policy (EMU)
  • Forming of agricultural policy
  • Allocation of structural fund support
  • EU enlargement project
  • Determination of membership fees

Scientific organisations

Important scientific organisations in terms of the activity are:

Export of statistical competence

The aim of international statistical consulting is to

  • Support less developed countries to rebuild and improve their official statistics
  • Increase knowledge in Finland about the comparability and quality of the statistics produced in the neighbouring areas
  • Develop own personnel's international project skills

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