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Published: 6 November 2013

Students in apprenticeship training number 55,600 in 2012

According to Statistics Finland, 55,600 students attended apprenticeship training leading to a qualification or degree during calendar year 2012. The number of students was 2 per cent lower than in the year before. Thirty-six per cent of the students attended training for an initial vocational qualification, 34 per cent for a further vocational qualification and 30 per cent for a specialist vocational qualification. Fifty-three per cent of the students were women. New students numbered 20,900. Of the students, 13,000 completed an entire qualification. Of the completed qualifications, 31 per cent were initial vocational qualifications, 39 per cent further vocational qualifications and 30 per cent specialist vocational qualifications. Fifty-five per cent of the qualifiers were women. These data have been collected from the organisers of apprenticeship training.

New students, students and completers of a qualification in apprenticeship training by field of education 2012

Field of education New students total Students total Completers of a qualification total
Total 20 911 55 554 13 039
Humanities and Education 531 1 322 310
Culture 454 1 347 273
Economics and Administration 7 641 20 139 5 127
Natural sciences 90 441 159
Technology and Transport 6 241 17 467 3 793
Natural resources and the Environment 440 1 240 251
Welfare, Health and Sport 3 164 8 416 1 946
Tourism, Catering and Home economics 2 350 5 182 1 180

Source: Education. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Reija Vento 09 1734 3279,

Director in charge: Riitta Harala

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