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Published: 22 February 2022

Growth in number of passengers at Finnish airports receded in January 2022

Altogether 818,573 passengers flew through Finnish airports in January 2022. This was a multiple number compared to last year, but still only around 40 per cent of the number of passengers in January 2020. There were 611,234 passengers at Helsinki Airport and a total of 207,339 passengers at other domestic airports. Helsinki Airport accounted for 75 per cent of all passengers at domestic airports.

Number of passengers at Finnish airports by month in 2020 to 2022

Number of passengers at Finnish airports by month in 2020 to 2022

In January 2022, the number of passengers at Helsinki Airport was 62 per cent lower and the combined number of passengers at other domestic airports 49 per cent lower than in January 2020. Compared with January 2021, the number of passengers at both Helsinki Airport and other domestic airports was multiple times higher. The exceptionally high relative growth in the number of passengers compared to last year is caused by the collapse of air traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic starting from spring 2020.

Seventy per cent of air traffic passengers were from international flights and 30 per cent from domestic flights. The share of passengers on international flights was 80 per cent at Helsinki Airport and 40 per cent in total at other domestic airports.

In January 2022, air freight and mail transport totalled 16,756 tonnes, which was 58 per cent more than one year earlier. In total, 99.8 per cent of the tonnes were transported through Helsinki Airport and 99 per cent in traffic between Finland and foreign countries. Altogether 8,997 tonnes of the transported volume of goods were outgoing and 7,759 tonnes incoming.

Source: Transport and Tourism, Statistics Finland

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Head of Department in charge: Hannele Orjala

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