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Published: 31 August 2005

Revised EMU deficit and debt figures for the year 2004 released

General government EMU surplus and debt figures for the year 2004 did not change essentially compared with the preliminary data published in February 2005. EMU surplus was 2.1 per cent of GDP in 2004, while the proportion was 2.5 per cent in the previous year. EMU debt grew from the previous year, but the debt relative to GDP was on level with the year before, being 45.1 per cent. The figures appear from the data reported by Statistics Finland to the European Commission in August.

When interpreting the figures, it should be taken into consideration that the GDP used in the deficit and debt calculations differs from the national accounts data published in July. For the time being, the deficit and debt are expressed as a proportion to GDP, which does not include allocation of financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM).

EMU deficit (-) and debt of Finnish general government, % of GDP

Source: General government deficit and gross debt according to EMU criteria 2004. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Ms Paula Koistinen-Jokiniemi +358 9 1734 3362,
EMU debt: Mr Matti Okko +358 9 1734 3341
Emu deficit: Ms Elli Paakkolanvaara +358 9 1734 2262


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