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Statistics Finland publishes statistics on the bankruptcy cases instigated and decided by district courts. In these statistics, instigated bankruptcy cases refer to bankruptcy petitions filed during the year by enterprises, corporations or natural persons. The first bankruptcy petition filed in the calendar year is recorded in the statistics as an instigated bankruptcy case. Other petitions filed during the calendar year concerning the same enterprise, corporation or natural person only show in decided cases in these statistics. Several creditors can file a bankruptcy petition against the same enterprise during the year. The number of petitions is always higher than the number of instigated bankruptcy cases in these statistics. Single-establishment enterprises are classified in the regional data of bankruptcy statistics according to the municipality of location of the establishment. Those multiple-establishment enterprises whose activity all takes place in the same municipality are also classified according to the municipality of location of their establishments. Enterprises operating in several municipalities are classified according to their municipality of domicile. In other cases the region is determined by the municipality of domicile of the debtor. Data concerning the establishments and municipalities of domicile of enterprises are derived from Statistics Finland’s Business Register. Threatened workplaces refer to the number of workplaces in the enterprises against which bankruptcy petitions have been filed.

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