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Concepts and definitions

Average daily traffic

The number of motor vehicles bypassing a certain point per year divided by 365.


A public road maintained by the state. Highways are classified according to their importance into class I main roads, class II main roads, regional roads and connecting roads.


A motorway is a road intended only for fast-moving motor vehicle traffic. The different directions of the motorway are physically separated and the motorway does not cross at the same level with other transport routes.

Passenger transport performance

Total number of kilometres covered by passengers during a specific unit of time, usually one year. Unit passenger-kilometre.


A passenger-kilometre is a measurement unit describing the passenger carrying performance of some means of transport such as a passenger car, coach, train, boat, aircraft or any transport vehicle suited for the transporting of passengers. Two persons travelling five kilometres on board a vehicle generate ten passenger-kilometres. Transport kilometres multiplied by average number of passengers.

Private road

A road owned and maintained by another body than the public authority.


A street is a road maintained by a municipality that runs in a town or other urban settlement and is built according to the town plan.


Unit of measurement representing the movement of a road vehicle over one kilometre.


Total number of kilometres driven by one vehicle class or a specified subgroup over a specified time period, usually twelve months.

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