This set of statistics has been discontinued.

Statistical data on this topic are published in connection with another set of statistics.

Data published after 5 April 2022 can be found on the renewed website.

This page is archived.

Statistics on income distribution will be combined in 2019

The sample-based income distribution statistics and the register-based total statistics on income distribution produced by Statistics Finland will be merged into one set of income distribution statistics.

The merging of the statistics will be visible to users from the beginning of December 2019. The releases and database tables describing income differentials and income development by area published on total statistics on income distribution will then be included in the present income distribution statistics.

At the same time, the amount of regional data will be increased and the data published in database will be grouped into a more user friendly form. This restructuring aims at making it easier to find data and clarifying the role and use purpose of sample-based and register-based data sources.

Moreover, starting from May 2019, new statistics on living conditions will be produced from sample-based data. These statistics will include, for example, international comparisons of persons living at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Last updated 1.3.2019

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