Interview and Survey Services

Statistics Finland's Interview and Survey Services are leading Finnish experts on data collection. We provide for customer needs data collection and survey services that are competitive by their cost-quality ratio.

Our information basis in social sciences, up-to-date statistical methods and expert management of the data collection process are the foundations of our activity and total quality.

Our special strengths are our long experience of surveys, versatile data collection tools, nation-wide professionally operating network of interviewers, samples based on the Population Register or our own registers, low non-response rates and diverse methods to adjust for non-response and the services of Statistics Finland's SurveyLaboratory.

Each survey problem is an individual one. We solve your information needs with our expert skills. You receive the information you want in a high-quality manner. You can utilise the results at once for your research, planning and decision-making.

The long experience of the Interview and Survey Services and the expertise of whole Statistics Finland are at your disposal when you need data collection and survey services that meet international quality criteria.

Last updated 12 Apr 2023