In honour of Finland's centenary, Statistics Finland arranged two competitions related to the utilisation of statistics.

In the statistics in the media competition we looked for the best data utilising statistics in the media. In the competition for students at universities and universities of applied sciences we searched for the best electronic implementation to illustrate statistics.

The statistics in the media competition was won by the Finnish Broadcasting Company's article Kyllä ennen nuoriso oli kunnollista - vai oliko? (Young people used to be so respectable - or were they?; only in Finnish).

The competitions for students of universities and universities of applied sciences was won by a history game of the University of Jyväskylä’s group of students Ennen oli kaikki … (Everything used to be...; only in Finnish).

News on the winners of the competitions on 22 November 2017

Video of the award ceremony

International Statistical Poster Competition 2016 to 2017

On the national level, the International Statistical Literacy Competition was won by Paraistenseudun koulu and Erkon lukio. The Finnish representative, Paraistenseudun koulu, was second in the secondary school category in the International Statistical Literacy Competition. To honour Finland's centenary, Finnish competitors’ works were related to Finland's history.

International competition, news on 21 July 2017 (in Finnish) 

Finland’s final, news on 20 Feb 2017 (in Finnish)


Cooperation partners of the statistical poster competition