Business Register

Statistics Finland maintains the Business Register. The Business Register contains information on

  • All enterprises with a Business ID for which data are available from the Tax Administration
  • Private practitioners of trade
  • General government and non-profit institutions serving households.

In addition to the Business Register, we maintain the Enterprise Group Register and the Register of Public Corporations. Read more about the registers.

Our services

Selections from data in registers

For example, address and industry data can be bought from public data contained in the Business Register, the Enterprise Group Register and the Register of Public Corporations. Other public data include such as Business ID, enterprise name, size category of personnel and turnover, start of operation and importer/exporter data.

If you maintain your own registers, they can be updated and supplemented with data on industry and size category of personnel and turnover, for example. On agreement, the enterprise and establishment data that you acquired can be kept up-to-date. The data can be updated at agreed intervals, at most once a month.

We also supply information from the business register of the statistical office of Sweden, Statistics Sweden.

Commissioned statistical reports from registers and statistical data

Statistics Finland produces a variety of free of charge statistics and tables on enterprises and their establishments. If you need statistical data that cannot be found ready-made, we can compile them to order.

We use the Business Register and other registers related to enterprises for commissioned reports. Financial statement data can also be used in the analysis.

Reports can be made, for example, on business activity by area, industry and size category.


Looking for free of charge business data?

You can find free of charge statistical data concerning enterprises on our website.

By means of the establishment calculator you can view the regional location of enterprises (in Finnish).