News 1 Jun 2023

Finland in Figures 2023 – key figures about us

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2023 publication gives an overview of us and our society. The pocket-sized publication contains information on the population, economy, society and environment as statistical figures and charts. All persons living in Finland are included in these figures, as is every home, workplace, pay, education, free-time residence or trip.

Headline: Size of household-dwelling unit 2022. In the graph it is stated that in 2022, 46 per cent of household-dwelling units consisted of one person, 32 per cent of two people and 22 per cent of three people or more. Source: Statistics Finland, Finland in Figures 2023.

Extracts from the publication: 

• At the end of 2022, the population of Finland was 5,563 970 persons, which is 15,729 more than a year earlier. 
• In 2022, the number of live-born children was 44,951, which is 4,643 fewer than in 2021. 
• At the end of 2022, a total of 1.3 million persons were living alone, 46 per cent of household-dwelling units.
• The average number of employed persons aged 15 to 74 was 2.6 million and that of unemployed persons 190,000 in 2022. There were 65,000 more employed persons and 22,000 fewer unemployed persons than in 2021.
• In 2022, altogether 74 per cent of employed persons worked in services and administration, 21 per cent in industry and construction, and four per cent in agriculture and forestry.
•  According to preliminary data, gross domestic product per capita was EUR 47,991 last year.
•  Central government debt was EUR 25,398 per capita last year. 
• The year-on-year change in consumer prices, i.e. inflation, was 7.1 per cent in 2022, having been 2.2 per cent one year earlier.
• Social protection expenditure totalled EUR 78.1 billion in 2021. The share of expenditure to GDP was 31.2 per cent. 
 • According to preliminary data, total energy consumption fell by five per cent in 2022 from the previous year. Renewable energy accounted for 42 per cent of total energy consumption.

In addition to Statistics Finland’s data, Finland in Figures contains data produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Customs, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and the Finnish Centre for Pensions. 

The publication is available in printed form in three languages: Suomi lukuina 2023, Finland i siffror 2023 and Finland in Figures 2023. You can order publications from PunaMusta Oy’s online store or customer service tel. +358 10 2308 375.

View the data content of the publication as a web service or in PDF format on the Finland in Figures website. 

Further information: Planner Sirkku Hiltunen tel. +358 29 551 6373