How are the release times of statistics notified?

We always give notice in advance about when we will publish new statistical data. From here on, you can find upcoming release dates on the page named Future releases. In addition, future release dates are given on the page of each set of statistics.

Browsing release times

The list of future releases is easy to filter according to different features, such as topic or time.

Filter menu for the list of future releases. The filtering options are Topic, Statistics, Publication type, Time of publication and Language of publication. The type Release has been selected in the menu under Publication type.

New types of publications

The types of future publications are reviews, releases and database releases. Only releases are published immediately after the renewal, and publishing of reviews and database releases will be initiated later.

In the releases, the statistical expert provides concise information about new statistical data. It is also indicated in the calendar under releases which database tables are updated in connection with the release.

Screenshot of one future release. The release "First registrations of motor vehicles 2022, August". Three database tables: First registrations of vehicles, monthly. First registrations of vehicles. First registrations of cars by driving power, purpose of use and by possessor, monthly.

Reviews are more extensive articles and in them phenomena can be examined based on data from several sets of statistics.

A database release refers to publishing new data only in the database without a text-format summary on the web pages.

Downloading calendar data

Unfortunately, calendar data are not available in downloadable format at this stage. We know that there is a need for this and we will try to provide a downloadable version as soon as possible.