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Ground heat has become more common as the main heating mode

release | Households' consumption 30.6.2022

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Finland's Household Budget Survey for the first half of 2022, ground heat and air source heat pumps have become more common as main heating modes particularly in detached houses compared to 2012 and 2016. Correspondingly, the shares of electric and oil heating have decreased. The data are reported by households. The Household Budget Survey will continue until the beginning of 2023.

Key selections

  • Air source heat pumps and ground heat have become more common as main heating modes for all types of buildings, especially in detached houses and other one-dwelling houses.
  • The shares of direct electric heating and oil heating have decreased.
  • Eight per cent of households have an electric or hybrid car.
  • The data of the Household Budget Survey are based on responses given by households.

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