Official Statistics of Finland (OSF)

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) are a collection of statistics describing society. They comprise around 250 sets of statistics. The production of Official Statistics of Finland must be continuous and of high quality and the producer of the statistics must commit to quality criteria. The Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland grants the OSF stamp.

The Official Statistics of Finland are our shared national capital and our common data basis that are used in society in various contexts. Statistics are widely employed in social decision-making, legislative drafting and planning. They are used to monitor the effects of the decisions made and they are also generally used indicators to monitor the development of society.

Activities are based on quality, reliability and co-operation

OSF statistics are produced by expert organisations in the field of public administration:

  • Statistics Finland
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • Finnish Customs
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
  • National Land Survey of Finland
  • Finnish Immigration Service
  • Finnish Environment Institute
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • Finnish Centre for Pensions
  • Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

The organisations guarantee the continuation of statistics and are committed to common quality criteria. The OSF quality criteria are compatible with the quality criteria of the European Statistical System (ESS).

Compliance with the quality criteria is monitored by the Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland. It also has the task of developing the statistical system and the dissemination of statistics.