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Citizenships granted

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These statistics describe the foreign citizens permanently resident in Finland who have been granted Finnish nationality during the statistical year. A citizen of a foreign country may receive Finnish citizenship after six years’ of residence in Finland. A foreign citizen who has been married to a Finnish citizen and lived in Finland for three years may be granted Finnish citizenship. Finnish citizenship can be granted through an application procedure or a declaration procedure, but the data of Statistics Finland does not contain information on this. Finnish citizenships acquired at birth are not included in these statistics.

Data content

The statistics contain demographic data on recipients of Finnish citizenship, such as those on age, gender, marital status, native language, former nationality, country of birth and year of marriage. These data describe the situation on the day of granting nationality. A person with dual nationality of which one is Finnish is recorded in population statistics as a Finnish citizen. Persons permanently resident abroad at the time of granting of citizenship are not included in the statistics.

Classifications used

The data are available by a variety of regional divisions based on municipalities. Since 1999, nationality, country of birth and language have been classified according to ISO standards. A version suitable for the classification of nationalities in population statistics has been produced of the standards. Statistics Finland’s own classifications were use prior to this. Age is classified according to 1 or 5-year cohorts.

The classification into regions and the statistical grouping of municipalities have been used since 1997. The respective categories used prior to this were province and type of municipality. Since 1999, the regional classification entering into force at the beginning of the year following the statistical reference year has been applied in the statistics on granted Finnish citizenships. Since 2003, it has been possible to produce to special order data on the municipalities having merged at the turn of the year according to the regional division valid on the last day of the year preceding the merger.

Data collection methods and data sources

Finnish population statistics are based on data derived from The Digital and Population data services Agency’s Population Information System. The Directorate of Immigration decides about the granting of Finnish citizenships (the Nationality Act 359/2003) and enters data about the decisions into the Population Information System. The Digital and Population data services Agency supplies the data to Statistics Finland.

Updating frequency

Final statistics are published once a year in May.

Time of completion or release

The final statistics for a calendar year are ready in May of the next calendar year unless otherwise stated. Preliminary data on recipients of Finnish citizenships are available from Statistics Finland’s Population and Cause of Death Statistics unit. The final statistics on granted Finnish citizenships are released on Statistics Finland’s website in May and in the paper publication “Vital statistics” in December.

Time series

Data on granted citizenships can be produced from vital statistics data in electronic format from 1987 onwards. Data on annual numbers of citizenships granted are available from 1931 onwards.


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