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Building permits

Producer: Statistics Finland
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Main topic: Construction
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
European Statistical System (ESS): Yes


The statistics on granted building permits describe monthly development in the number of building permits. The population for the statistics are new buildings and building extensions. The statistics do not extend to building repairs. These statistics are compiled as anticipatory, so that they can be used to forecast development in the volume of building construction as early as possible. The statistics measure the volume with the cubic capacity and number of dwellings of building projects.

Data content

The statistics contain data on granted building permits, cubic capacity of buildings by type of building and numbers of dwellings by type of building. Data by type of building can be produced to special order showing e.g. floor area, number of storeys, type of owner, builder, mode of construction, construction material, facade material, type of heating, source of heating energy, equipment and connections to networks. Unit-specific data are not released.

Classifications used

The main classification by which the statistics are produced is the “Classification of buildings 1994” (by intended use), and the regional divisions used in their publication are whole country and regions. Data are also available by sub-regional unit and municipality.

Data collection methods and data sources

The statistics on granted building permits are based on the notifications submitted by municipal building supervisions authorities to the Population Register Centre’s Population Information System about building projects subject to building permits.

Updating frequency

Granted building permits per month.

Time of completion or release

Approximately 8 weeks from the end of the statistical reference time period.

Time series

Old series have been converted to match the current classification starting from 1985. The publication contains the series.


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