Statistics Finland's activity is based on the Statistics Finland Act and the Decree on Statistics Finland.

Statistics Finland's tasks are defined in the Statistics Finland Act (PDF), according to which the function of Statistics Finland is to compile statistics and reports describing the conditions in society and to provide for the general development of official statistics in collaboration with other central government authorities.

The Decree on Statistics Finland (PDF) contains provisions concerning the organisation of Statistics Finland, handling of matters, qualification requirements set for the Director General and other directors, and personnel recruitment procedures.

Charged activity

Statistics Finland's charged activity is steered by the Decree of the Ministry of Finance Concerning the Charge Criteria of the Performances of Statistics Finland, the Act on the Charge Criteria of the State and the Decree on the Charge Criteria of the State. The Decree of the Ministry of Finance specifies the performances Statistics Finland may charge for. Statistics Finland may not charge for products and services that are not mentioned in the Decree.

The Act on the Charge Criteriaof the State is a general act regulating the charged activities of the State, which is observed unless otherwise provided by law. It divides the performances of the State into chargeable and free. The Decree on the Charge Criteria of the State contains provisions on matters connected with the collection of charges and rates of interest.

The laws governing the production of statistics are presented under Statistical legislation.