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Concepts and definitions

Goods for resale

Goods for resale are goods acquired by an enterprise for the purpose of reselling them without further processing. Also raw materials acquired by an enterprise for the purpose of reselling them as such are deemed to be goods for resale.

Investments in fixed assets

Investments in fixed assets comprise the acquisition and capital improvement of tangible fixed assets, of which the sales and transfers of fixed assets are deducted.

Tangible fixed assets include land and water areas, land and water constructions, buildings and constructions, machinery and equipment as well as other tangible fixed assets. Buildings and structures as well as land and water constructions are recorded as an investment during the statistical period when they are paid for. Other fixed assets are recorded as investments during the accounting period when they are transferred to the buyer's or recipient's use.

The concept of gross total increase of tangible fixed assets was in use until 1994. This concept and the current one are defined the same way.

Materials and supplies

Materials and supplies are deemed to include goods used as inputs in a production process (raw materials, semi-finished products, additives, parts, and small tools and devices). Materials and supplies include also ancillary materials (lubricants, water etc.). Materials and supplies exclude office supplies and packaging.

Natural person

A natural person engages in entrepreneurial activity under his/her own name or under a registered trading name.

This group includes own-account workers, sole proprietors, most agricultural and forestry entrepreneurs, as well as practitioners of trade.

Personnel expenses

Wages, salaries and rewards, pension expenses and other employer contributions = Personnel expenses

Personnel expenses comprise wages and salaries subject to withholding of tax and comparable expenses, as well as expenses determined direct based on wage or salary, such as social security contributions, statutory and voluntary personal insurance contributions and pension expenses.

Other voluntary personnel expenses come under other operating expenses.

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