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Published: 30 November 2016

Utilisation of big data getting off to a good start in enterprises

Around 15 per cent of enterprises have utilised big data. Among large enterprises, nearly one-third have utilised big data. These data derive from Statistics Finland's survey on information technology in enterprises.

Use of big data, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

Use of big data, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

Examined by industry, the use of big data is most common in the industry of information and communication, used by one-third of enterprises and least common in the industry of transport and storage, utilised by 10 per cent of enterprises. Among the smallest enterprises with 10 to 19 employees, big data were used by 12 per cent, and among the largest enterprises with at least 100 employees, close on one-third have used big data.

Among the inquired sources of big data, enterprises had most commonly used data from the enterprise's smart devices or sensors (8%). Seven per cent of enterprises used location data from portable devices and six per cent used data produced by social media.

Of the enterprises that had used big data, 69 per cent made their own analyses on big data and 44 per cent used external service providers to make the analyses.

These data were collected with an inquiry in spring 2016 and they apply to enterprises with at least ten employees.

Source: Use of Information Technology in Enterprises 2016, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Aarno Airaksinen 029 551 3206,

Director in charge: Mari Ylä-Jarkko

Updated 30.11.2016

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