This set of statistics has been discontinued.

Statistical data on this topic are published in connection with another set of statistics.

Data published after 5 April 2022 can be found on the renewed website.

This page is archived.

Concepts and definitions

Consumers’ views on the economy

The statistics on consumer confidence explore consumers’ personal views and expectations concerning the economy. The measurement unit is ‘per cent of consumers’:

-Consumer’s own economy now and in 12 months’ time

-Finland's economy now and in 12 months’ time

-General unemployment in 12 months’ time

-Personal threat of unemployment now

-Change in consumer prices now and in 12 months’ time

-Favourable time for saving, taking out a loan and making major purchases at present

-Consumer’s financial situation now

-Consumer’s saving possibilities within 12 months

-Consumer’s spending money on major purchases within 12 months

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Consumer survey by region [e-publication].
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