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Appendix table 1. Cultural occupations according to the Classification of Occupations 2001

Occupation Code
Cultural services managers 12294
Crafts and art teachers 23215
Teachers of public speaking and presentation skills 23512
Advertising and marketing professionals 24191
Public relations professionals 24192
Archivists 24311
Curators 24312
Librarians and related information professionals 2432
Authors and dramaturgists 24515
Sculptors, painters and related artists 2452
Managing editors 24511
Journalists, editors and critics 24512
Radio and television journalists 24513
Advertising copywriters 24514
Sculptors and painters 24521
Graphic designers 24522
Art and craft designers and related artists 24523
Composers, musicians and singers 2453
Choreographers and dancers 2454
Actors 24551
Stage and film directors 24522
Photographers and image and sound recording equipment operators 3131
Broadcasting and telecommunications equipment operators 3132
Artistic and crafts and design associate professionals 34711
Producer's assistants and related associate professionals 34712
Radio, television and other announcers 3472
Night-club and related musicians, singers and dancers 3473
Clowns, magicians, acrobats and related associate professionals 3474
Library and filing clerks 4141
Travel agency and related clerks 4221
Travel guides and tour leaders 5113

Source: Cultural statistics 2012, Statistics Finland

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