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Published: 22 April 2021

Around 36,600 students were studying in the field of culture in 2019, number of new students declined over last decade

According to Statistics Finland, four out of five students in the fields of culture were studying in arts in 2019. The numbers of students started to fall from 2013 onwards and the number of qualifications from 2015. In 2019 around 7,700 qualifications were completed.

Students in the fields of culture in 2004 to 2019

Students in the fields of culture in 2004 to 2019

The placement on the labour market of attainers of qualifications in the field of culture was examined one year after graduation in 2019.

Altogether 3,326 of them were full-time employed, 1,059 employed students, 922 full-time students and 936 unemployed.

There were almost 85,800 persons aged 17 to 84 in the population with a qualification in the field of culture in 2018. Around 80 per cent of those with cultural education had studied arts. Almost one-tenth of those aged 18 to 74 with a qualification in the field of culture had under EUR 12,000 of earned or entrepreneurial income subject to state taxation, around 28 per cent over EUR 12,000 but under EUR 27,000, about 47 per cent between EUR 27,000 and 51,999 and close on 15 per cent over EUR 52,000.

Source: Cultural statistics 2019 Statistics Finland

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