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Concepts and definitions

Educational institution group

In the Standard Industrial Classification (TOL 2002) polytechnics are placed in the group of higher education. In the statistics on teachers groups of educational institutions have been formed where polytechnics are in a separate group. In the deduction different auxiliary variables had to be used for those polytechnics where by the education organiser's code both vocational and polytechnic education is arranged. For these deduction needs to be made only in cases where the data are in the same register.

Headmasters/ headmistresses

In the statistics on teachers occupational category 12291 Education managers and headmasters and headmistresses includes only headmasters and headmistresses (not school directors).

Other staff

Other staff at educational institutions refer to persons employed in other positions than teachers, such as special needs assistants, training secretaries, office staff, canteen staff and cleaners.


In the municipal sector teachers are defined as those who follow the collective agreement for civil servants and employees in the educational sector. Teachers working for the State and the private sector were determined on the basis of their job title or occupational category.

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