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Fall in the number of families has halted
28 May 2021
According to Statistics Finlands data, there were 1,467,653 families in Finland at the end of 2020. The number of families grew by 285, while in the previous year it decreased by 1,313 families. While in 1990 the commonest family type was married couple with children, in 2020 the commonest family type was married couple without children. The number of families with a married couple and children has been falling steadily. Correspondingly, the number of married and cohabiting couples living without children has grown.

Description: Families are formed at the turn of the year from persons living in the same dwelling according to the population information system of The Digital and Population data services Agency. The statistics comprise families and families with children, and their demographic data. Families are classified into families without children, married or cohabiting couples living with children, and single-parent families. Cohabiting couples are deduced from living together. The statistics contain data on the age, language, nationality and country of birth of spouses/parents, and on the age and gender of each child living at home. Families with children are those that include children under the age of 18.
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Keywords: children, cohabition, families, families with underage children, marriage, nationality, reconstituted families, registered partnership, single-parent families.
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Change: Publication of the annual review Families is postponed
21 Nov 2019

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