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Changes in the Tax Administration's self-assessed tax data do not have an effect on the data of turnover indices for January 2017

Starting from data concerning January 2017, turnover indices started to use the Tax Administration's self-assessed tax data (previously periodic tax return data). From January, enterprises whose annual turnover is under EUR 500,000 have been able to report their monthly value added tax data as payment-based in place of accrual-based reporting. In addition, the application area of calendar quarter reporting has been extended by raising the upper limit from the present EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000. Correspondingly, the upper limit entitling to calendar year reporting applied in value added taxation is raised from the present EUR 25,000 to EUR 30,000. The change in enterprises' reporting of periodic tax return data may affect the accruals of reported value added tax data.

Statistics Finland has examined the accrual data of the new dataset and no significant changes were seen at present in enterprises' reporting of periodic tax return data. For this reason, methodological changes were not made to statistics production in connection with the data change. The accrual of self-assessed tax data will be still monitored monthly and we prepare for possible changes in the data.

Last updated 12.4.2017

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