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Producer Price Index for Services revised

The Producer Price Index for Services is revised and its base year will be changed to 2015. In connection with the revision, the weight structures of the statistics are updated to correspond with the values of output for 2015. In addition, the service group and enterprise samples are updated. In future, the classification used in the releases will be the CPA product classification instead of the previously used Standard Industrial Classification. Point figures calculated with the new base year become available in Statistics Finland's StatFin database on 24 April 2018. Indices with base years 2010=100 and 2005=100 will be calculated forward by chaining with the index with the latest base year, i.e. they will develop in line with the index with the base year 2015=100.

Content of the Producer Price Index for Services expands

In addition to the price development of the Business to Business services and services enterprises produce for the public sector (Business to Business, BtoB) currently included in the index, in future, the index will also describe the price development of services provided by enterprises to households (Business to Consumers, BtoC) and Business to All (BtoAll) services. In connection with the renewal, Other auxiliary transport services (CPA 2015: 52.29) will be published as a new index series.

Last updated 18.4.2018

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