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Statistics on business subsidies

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Business subsidies increased manifold in 2020
28 Apr 2021
According to Statistics Finlands data, direct business subsidies were paid to the amount of EUR 1,750 million in 2020, which is 268 per cent more than one year earlier. Of direct subsidies, EUR 1,278 million were paid as a result of the economic downturn and EUR 471 million as ordinary subsidies. The amount of paid loans decreased by 16 per cent and amounted to EUR 264 million. The amount of guarantees doubled to EUR 1,658 million, of which 43 per cent were granted due to the economic downturn. Business subsidies covered 63,767 enterprises, of which 57,875 received direct subsidies in 2020.

Description: The statistics on business subsidies contain data on business subsidies by type of subsidy. The subsidies include direct subsidies, loans and guarantees. The statistics are based on data provided by certain state-owned institutions that have granted and paid subsidies. The data are classified according to the industry and size category of the enterprises that have received subsidies as well as by type of subsidy and payer.
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Keywords: business subsidy, central government guarantee, enterprises, loans, state aid.
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