Register of educational institutions

The Register of educational institutions is a chargeable product of Statistics Finland containing the addresses of all educational institutions in Finland. The Register is updated yearly in the spring. The Register contains data collected 2023.

An educational institution refers to the administrative unit, not a single school building or any other unit.

There are also other data on the educational institutions available. The target group can be chosen based on for example the size of the educational institution, location or language of teaching. The number of educational institutions on different criteria can be filtered with the help of the list of educational institutions

Addresses can be ordered on different criteria, for example type of educational institution, geographical location or language of teaching.

There are also other data on the educational institutions available, for example the provider of education, amount of students or the coordinates of the educational institutions (coordinate system ETRS89-TM35FIN). Coordinates for some educational institutions are also available free-of-charge in Statistics Finlands geographic data.

Hospital schools, schools operating abroad, military vocational institutes and military academies have been removed from the register.

The register does not contain names, phone numbers or email-addresses.

The data is delivered in excel- or ascii-format.

The data is based on information collected from organisers of education and the educational institutions maintained by them.


Image: Mauri Helenius, Helsinki City Museum