Table links of StatFin's archive database change

The structure of StatFin’s archive database will be changed on Wednesday 9 November 2022, and due to this, all table links of the archive database will also change.

The archive database functions at Tables that are no longer updated are moved there from the actual StatFin.

What will change in the structure?

The topic level in the archive database will be disabled. Therefore, topics like housing, living conditions and energy will not be visible on the main level of the database in future, but the statistics will go straight under the main level.

A corresponding change was made to the active StatFin in April 2022.

How do the table links change?

Because the database no longer shows the topic level, the combination of letters describing the topic is removed from the table links.

The topic identifier can be found in the old links in the second last part of URL before the identifier of the statistics. For example, the identifier of the topic population is vrm, and it can be seen in the following link between the texts Passiivi and vaerak:

There is no topic identifier in the new table links. As of 9 November 2022, the new address of the example table is as follows:

Please note that in the second last part there are two underline characters between the Passiivi character string and the identifier of the statistics: Passiivi__vaerak

Previous archive database interface calls and saved searches are broken

StatFin's archive database can be used through an interface. Because the table addresses change, the address to which the JSON query code is sent also changes. The topic identifier is removed from the address.

This example has an earlier interface call address for a table of employment statistics:

After the change, the address of the interface call is like this:

Links to saved searches will also change in the renewal. If necessary, repeat the saved search.