News 23 Feb 2022

Maintenance of the Findicator service will be discontinued

The Findicator service will be discontinued this spring. The present service, which was opened in 2009, comprises approximately 100 indicators describing the development of society collected from Statistics Finland's and other data producers' data. Statistics Finland regrets to inform that we have now had to decide to discontinue the maintenance of the service so that updating of the data with the data of other data producers will end at the end of February and the service will be closed on 15 March 2022.

A significant reason for discontinuing the maintenance of the Findicator service is that over the years the technology behind the service has become outdated and we are currently unable to upgrade it. Moreover, the service does not meet the accessibility requirements of the present Act on the Provision of Digital Services.

We are now focusing our efforts on the introduction of new statistics pages on our website and on the renewal of our current website. The renewal will soon bring improvements to the usability and retrievability of statistical data and offer possibilities for developing new kinds of services.

In Statistics Finland's renewed web service we invest on the development of the publication of indicator type content. This will partly replace the information needs currently met by the Findicator service. Another objective is to start negotiations with the existing partners on the development of a new common Findicator type of service.