News 10 Nov 2020

Statistical poster competition for young people is underway –  still time to take part

The International Statistical Poster Competition 2020 to 2021 is currently underway. The aim of the competition arranged every second year is to promote critical statistical literacy among young people and university students. It is possible to register to the competition until 15 December 2020. The deadline for the competition entries is 1 February 2021.

The competition has three categories: lower secondary school, upper secondary school/upper secondary students and university of applied sciences/university students studying for a bachelor's degree. The selected theme is topical, the environment, biology and sustainable development. Students prepare a statistical study in groups of two to five persons on the topic selected. The results are presented in a poster detailing the progress, sources and results of the study. The statistical poster can be made in Finnish, Swedish or English. The national expert jury assesses the entries and gives feedback on the entries.

Winners of the Finnish competition will be published by 26 February 2021. The winning entries of each series are sent to the international jury for assessment. The winners of both the Finnish competition and the international competition are awarded monetary prizes.

“The poster competition is a fun way to learn how to use social and numerical data and, at the same time, the entire process of compiling statistics. Finnish young people have also been successful in the international competition, so it is worth participating,” says Group Manager Reija Helenius.

Read more about participation in the competition in the news published on 3 February 2020

Contact information:
Jaana Kesti, Finland’s ISLP Country Coordinator +358 29 551 2267, Reija Helenius, Group Manager +358 29 551 3677,