News 28 Feb 2023

Statistics Finland's new visual image communicates about the future of information

Statistics Finland's visual identity is being renewed. Statistics Finland's strategy and target vision updated in spring 2022 were taken as the basis for the new image. The renewal of the image includes the logo, colour palette, font and other visual identification factors of the organisation. The new image will be gradually introduced into our products and services.

“Statistics Finland is developing and renewing and we wanted to make Statistics Finland's everyday life and activity as professionals of data processing and data resources visible,” says Director General Markus Sovala.

Inspiration from the world of statistics and data production has been sought for the image. Statistics Finland's experts know Finnish data resources and their usage possibilities. In their work, they combine and process immense masses of data which they sum up into statistics and various information products for data users. This is symbolised by the sign part of the new logo, where the statistical columns are positioned into a T design.  

The new image depicts a modern actor in the field of information and aims for timeliness instead of trendiness. The blue colour of the image indicates trust, which is the core and major feature of Statistics Finland's activity. The chosen expression describes an easily approachable, straightforward organisation.

“The statistics and data we produce are for people and describe their everyday lives. We also want to arouse interest in the figures by means of visual communication and inspire with our positive and lively look,” says Hanna Ikäheimo, Director of Communications. 

Statistics Finland's previous image renewal dates from 2016 and the logo from 2013. The design work on the image took into account the accessibility perspectives evolved since the previous renewal as well as the diversified forms of visual communication. The aim of the image renewal was to clarify the approach of visual communication and to make the experiences and images created by Statistics Finland uniform, going in the desired direction. 

The new image was designed at creative agency SEK, led by Designer Niina Yli-Karjala.