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News 31.1.2013

Quality assurance from producers of Official Statistics of Finland

The producers of Official Statistics of Finland have signed a quality assurance in which they commit to the principles that steer statistics production. The quality assurance concerns such as the contents of statistical data, production processes and service to data users.

According to the principles, the producers of Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) offer all Finnish citizens reliable official statistics that have been produced independently and describe Finnish society exhaustively. The quality of the activity is materialised, for instance, in the following:

  • Statistics correspond to the needs of users
  • Statistics and statistical services are reliable, and the data published in them are up-to-date, impartial and as comparable as possible
  • Statistical production processes are smooth, efficient and transparent, only necessary data are collected as the basis for the statistics, and providing the data has been made as easy as possible
  • Privacy protection of the data suppliers' is respected
  • Statistical personnel serves data users well and the services are easy to use
  • The activity is continuously improved.

The producers of Official Statistics of Finland also commit to measuring and reporting continuously on the quality of the statistical data.

The Official Statistics of Finland comprise around 270 sets of statistics. The quality criteria and quality assurance principles for Official Statistics of Finland are based on the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics approved by the United Nations Statistical Commission and on the European Statistics Code of Practice. The quality assurance has been signed by 17 producers of statistics within the public sector, including Statistics Finland.

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