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Press release 5.12.2005

Appointment news from Statistics Finland: Tuula Kuivalainen appointed as Marketing Director

Tuula Kuivalainen, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), has been appointed Marketing Director of Statistics Finland for the five-year term from 1 December 2005 to 30 November 2010. The Marketing Director is responsible for Statistics Finland's marketing and customer process support, for the regional services produced by the agency's regional service offices, and for the co-ordination and development of its charged customer service activities.

Tuula Kuivalainen has acted as independent market research consultant since 2004. Her previous posts have included those of Business Area Director at TSN Gallup Ltd, Marketing Director and Managing Director at Markkinatutkimus Oy, and Deputy Managing Director at Suomen Gallup-Media Oy.

Ms Erja Seppänen, Information Officer, tel. +358 9 1734 2569

Contact details for Ms Tuula Kuivalainen:
Tel. +358 9 1734 3635