Changes in database tables of prices of dwellings in housing companies

Day of change: 20 May 2022

Change: Following tables: 112n, 112k, 112m, 112 p, 112 r, 112t, 112l, 112q, 112s, 112u and 112v will be transferred to the archive database.

Those will be replaced to following new tables:

Table 13ms replaces Table 112n
Table 13mp replaces Table 112k
⁠Table 13mr replaces Table 112m
⁠Table 13mt replaces Table 112p
⁠Table 13mv replaces Table 112r
⁠Table 13my replaces Table 112t
⁠Table 13mq replaces Table 112l
⁠Table 13mu replaces Table 112q
⁠Table 13mx replaces Table 112s
⁠Table 13mz replaces Table 112u
⁠Table 13mw replaces Table 112v

In addition, tables 12r3 and 136a will be transferred to the archive database but there is no replacing table. The base year in the new tables is 2020=100 instead of 2015=100. The index for base year 2015=100 has been retrospectively calculated according to the reviewed method in tables 13mz ja 13my.

Further information:

Further information