Content of the statistics on industrial output expands

Since the statistical year 2021, own sold production and subcontracting production produced for others have been broken down in the statistics on industrial production. Subcontracting production was included in the value of own production sold in the statistical year 2020 and before that. At the time, the value of subcontracting production was an estimate of the market value of production. Since the statistical year 2021, the value of subcontracting production has been reported according to the actual fee received from production. Since the definition of the value of sold production is changing fundamentally, a new time series has been set up for industrial production since 2021.

From the statistical year 2021 onwards, the production volumes are broken down into the volumes of own production and subcontracting production. However, the sum of these variables is comparable to the volumes for previous years.

Change is due to new EU business statistic regulation.