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Data on open job vacancies and their structural features are published in the Job Vacancy Survey. The data are collected from employers with a sample survey and published quarterly.


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According to Statistics Finland, there were 59,000 open job vacancies in the third quarter of 2022, while the figure was 62,400 one year before. These data describe the situation on the first day of September.

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release | Job vacancy survey 2022, 3rd quarter

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Job vacancies (annual average) by type of employment relationship

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Job vacancies29,50028,50028,90033,90041,60049,40050,00043,80058,000
Part-time vacancies6,9006,7006,4007,2007,7009,7008,3008,20010,600
Fixed term vacancies12,50013,30012,80014,60016,80017,60018,10016,50020,100

Job vacancies (annual average) by industry of the establishment

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