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The statistics on energy prices describe energy prices, energy taxes and tax-like payments. The data are collected from different sources and published quarterly.


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New database table on prices of electricity for the statistics on energy prices.
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According to Statistics Finland energy prices continued to rise in the second quarter. Among power plant fuels only the price of peat fell slightly. Risen prices of transportation liquid fuels and electricity raised the energy prices of consumers.

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release | Energy prices 2022, 2nd quarter

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Consumer Prices of Liquid Fuels

Development of consumer prices of liquid fuels
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2012M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10160.6
Diesel fuel155.7
Light fuel oil114.2
2012M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10163.4
Diesel fuel157.0
Light fuel oil112.9
2012M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10167.3
Diesel fuel158.0
Light fuel oil117.2
2012M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10171.7
Diesel fuel155.7
Light fuel oil114.5
2012M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10166.5
Diesel fuel153.5
Light fuel oil110.9
2012M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.8
Diesel fuel149.5
Light fuel oil105.2
2012M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.4
Diesel fuel150.3
Light fuel oil110.6
2012M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10169.7
Diesel fuel153.7
Light fuel oil117.9
2012M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10173.7
Diesel fuel156.8
Light fuel oil117.2
2012M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10170.2
Diesel fuel156.9
Light fuel oil117.7
2012M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.8
Diesel fuel154.0
Light fuel oil112.4
2012M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10159.5
Diesel fuel152.2
Light fuel oil109.0
2013M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10161.2
Diesel fuel153.0
Light fuel oil112.0
2013M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10164.2
Diesel fuel154.7
Light fuel oil114.1
2013M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.9
Diesel fuel155.7
Light fuel oil112.7
2013M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.7
Diesel fuel154.0
Light fuel oil108.7
2013M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10160.5
Diesel fuel148.0
Light fuel oil108.1
2013M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.8
Diesel fuel147.5
Light fuel oil107.4
2013M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.6
Diesel fuel148.4
Light fuel oil111.9
2013M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.2
Diesel fuel148.3
Light fuel oil111.0
2013M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.9
Diesel fuel150.1
Light fuel oil113.6
2013M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.1
Diesel fuel150.8
Light fuel oil109.9
2013M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10158.6
Diesel fuel148.2
Light fuel oil107.6
2013M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10159.2
Diesel fuel149.5
Light fuel oil108.3
2014M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10163.1
Diesel fuel153.3
Light fuel oil105.2
2014M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10160.7
Diesel fuel151.8
Light fuel oil105.5
2014M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10159.8
Diesel fuel150.6
Light fuel oil102.0
2014M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.7
Diesel fuel152.3
Light fuel oil103.5
2014M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10161.8
Diesel fuel150.7
Light fuel oil104.1
2014M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.0
Diesel fuel148.1
Light fuel oil104.0
2014M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10166.2
Diesel fuel149.0
Light fuel oil104.2
2014M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10165.5
Diesel fuel148.1
Light fuel oil105.0
2014M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10162.4
Diesel fuel145.7
Light fuel oil104.3
2014M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10159.5
Diesel fuel143.3
Light fuel oil100.2
2014M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10152.1
Diesel fuel142.9
Light fuel oil98.8
2014M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.1
Diesel fuel135.1
Light fuel oil86.4
2015M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10136.7
Diesel fuel127.9
Light fuel oil80.5
2015M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.0
Diesel fuel128.5
Light fuel oil92.6
2015M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.1
Diesel fuel135.1
Light fuel oil92.1
2015M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10148.9
Diesel fuel135.3
Light fuel oil93.5
2015M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10153.1
Diesel fuel134.1
Light fuel oil95.7
2015M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10155.2
Diesel fuel135.6
Light fuel oil90.3
2015M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10156.3
Diesel fuel135.4
Light fuel oil84.3
2015M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10152.4
Diesel fuel129.5
Light fuel oil80.0
2015M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.4
Diesel fuel123.2
Light fuel oil79.0
2015M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10140.4
Diesel fuel123.6
Light fuel oil77.6
2015M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10140.9
Diesel fuel124.5
Light fuel oil78.1
2015M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10137.0
Diesel fuel120.6
Light fuel oil66.4
2016M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10135.2
Diesel fuel115.9
Light fuel oil65.2
2016M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10130.4
Diesel fuel110.7
Light fuel oil64.3
2016M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10131.2
Diesel fuel113.6
Light fuel oil73.0
2016M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10133.5
Diesel fuel113.1
Light fuel oil73.1
2016M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.0
Diesel fuel116.3
Light fuel oil76.2
2016M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10142.8
Diesel fuel122.1
Light fuel oil81.5
2016M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.2
Diesel fuel118.0
Light fuel oil76.7
2016M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10133.4
Diesel fuel113.6
Light fuel oil76.2
2016M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.3
Diesel fuel119.0
Light fuel oil77.7
2016M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10141.5
Diesel fuel124.0
Light fuel oil83.4
2016M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.0
Diesel fuel125.7
Light fuel oil79.0
2016M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.0
Diesel fuel132.4
Light fuel oil88.3
2017M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10147.5
Diesel fuel136.1
Light fuel oil90.0
2017M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10150.5
Diesel fuel136.5
Light fuel oil90.1
2017M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10146.3
Diesel fuel132.1
Light fuel oil87.3
2017M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10147.1
Diesel fuel128.5
Light fuel oil91.0
2017M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.6
Diesel fuel125.1
Light fuel oil85.2
2017M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10146.1
Diesel fuel125.2
Light fuel oil82.2
2017M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.6
Diesel fuel124.4
Light fuel oil82.4
2017M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.6
Diesel fuel125.0
Light fuel oil84.8
2017M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.8
Diesel fuel126.6
Light fuel oil87.9
2017M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.2
Diesel fuel127.1
Light fuel oil88.9
2017M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10149.3
Diesel fuel134.8
Light fuel oil93.1
2017M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10142.6
Diesel fuel130.5
Light fuel oil92.1
2018M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10146.4
Diesel fuel135.1
Light fuel oil98.2
2018M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.5
Diesel fuel132.6
Light fuel oil91.5
2018M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.3
Diesel fuel131.8
Light fuel oil91.2
2018M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.7
Diesel fuel130.8
Light fuel oil97.4
2018M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10150.2
Diesel fuel134.6
Light fuel oil101.9
2018M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10155.4
Diesel fuel139.7
Light fuel oil102.3
2018M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10151.6
Diesel fuel135.6
Light fuel oil101.1
2018M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10157.0
Diesel fuel139.6
Light fuel oil103.3
2018M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10157.8
Diesel fuel140.3
Light fuel oil104.1
2018M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10153.8
Diesel fuel144.5
Light fuel oil107.6
2018M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10155.0
Diesel fuel154.6
Light fuel oil103.3
2018M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10148.0
Diesel fuel147.0
Light fuel oil93.0
2019M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10144.0
Diesel fuel139.0
Light fuel oil93.0
2019M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.0
Diesel fuel140.0
Light fuel oil97.0
2019M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10148.0
Diesel fuel144.0
Light fuel oil100.0
2019M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10156.0
Diesel fuel142.0
Light fuel oil101.0
2019M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10159.0
Diesel fuel142.0
Light fuel oil103.0
2019M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10158.0
Diesel fuel140.0
Light fuel oil95.0
2019M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10157.0
Diesel fuel138.0
Light fuel oil98.0
2019M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10154.0
Diesel fuel136.0
Light fuel oil95.0
2019M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10154.0
Diesel fuel140.0
Light fuel oil99.0
2019M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10153.0
Diesel fuel142.0
Light fuel oil99.0
2019M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10153.0
Diesel fuel142.0
Light fuel oil98.0
2019M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10153.0
Diesel fuel143.0
Light fuel oil99.0
2020M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10155.0
Diesel fuel146.0
Light fuel oil99.0
2020M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10151.0
Diesel fuel139.0
Light fuel oil91.0
2020M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.0
Diesel fuel130.0
Light fuel oil77.0
2020M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10133.0
Diesel fuel123.0
Light fuel oil70.0
2020M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10128.0
Diesel fuel116.0
Light fuel oil60.0
2020M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10135.0
Diesel fuel118.0
Light fuel oil74.0
2020M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10140.0
Diesel fuel122.0
Light fuel oil77.0
2020M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.0
Diesel fuel128.0
Light fuel oil76.0
2020M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.0
Diesel fuel125.0
Light fuel oil71.0
2020M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10145.0
Diesel fuel124.0
Light fuel oil72.0
2020M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10138.0
Diesel fuel124.0
Light fuel oil72.0
2020M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10143.0
Diesel fuel130.0
Light fuel oil77.0
2021M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10148.0
Diesel fuel138.0
Light fuel oil86.0
2021M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10155.0
Diesel fuel144.0
Light fuel oil92.0
2021M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10161.0
Diesel fuel150.0
Light fuel oil96.0
2021M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10164.0
Diesel fuel150.0
Light fuel oil93.0
2021M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10166.0
Diesel fuel150.0
Light fuel oil97.0
2021M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10164.0
Diesel fuel149.0
Light fuel oil99.0
2021M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10170.0
Diesel fuel152.0
Light fuel oil101.0
2021M08Motor Gasoline 95 E 10173.0
Diesel fuel153.0
Light fuel oil101.0
2021M09Motor Gasoline 95 E 10172.0
Diesel fuel152.0
Light fuel oil103.0
2021M10Motor Gasoline 95 E 10180.0
Diesel fuel163.0
Light fuel oil114.0
2021M11Motor Gasoline 95 E 10189.0
Diesel fuel170.0
Light fuel oil115.0
2021M12Motor Gasoline 95 E 10182.0
Diesel fuel167.0
Light fuel oil111.0
2022M01Motor Gasoline 95 E 10188.0
Diesel fuel178.0
Light fuel oil118.0
2022M02Motor Gasoline 95 E 10194.0
Diesel fuel187.0
Light fuel oil129.0
2022M03Motor Gasoline 95 E 10223.0
Diesel fuel233.0
Light fuel oil206.0
2022M04Motor Gasoline 95 E 10217.0
Diesel fuel222.0
Light fuel oil159.0
2022M05Motor Gasoline 95 E 10230.0
Diesel fuel227.0
Light fuel oil174.0
2022M06Motor Gasoline 95 E 10257.0
Diesel fuel244.0
Light fuel oil195.0
2022M07Motor Gasoline 95 E 10233.0
Diesel fuel227.0
Light fuel oil178.0

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