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Employment statistics produce regional data on the population's activity and employment. The statistics are compiled by combining various register data. The data are published once a year.


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Economic dependency ratio

Updated: 14/12/2023


release | Employment 2022, employment of students
release | Employment 2022, industry, employer sector and jobs
release | Employment 2022, main type of activity and status in occupation
release | Employment 2021, profession and socioeconomic position
release | Employment 2021, industry, employer sector and jobs
release | Employment 2021, employment of students

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Population by main type of activity by municipality in 1987 to 2022

Employed persons by industry (TOL 2008), sex and age group in 2022

Employed persons by occupational group (Classification of Occupations 2010) and background country in 2021

Employed labour force by level of education, by municipality 1987-2022

Economic dependency ratio by area 1987-2022

Employment rate of persons aged 18 to 64 by area in 1987 to 2022

Unemployment rate of persons aged 18 to 64 by area in 1987 to 2022

Employed labour force in area (workplaces) by employer sector and municipality 2021-2022

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