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Environmental protection expenditure accounts

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Environmental protection expenditure accounts describe the expenditure arising from environmental protection to industry, services and households, and central and local government. The data are collected with an inquiry and from different registers. The data are published once a year.


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In the database table 118q Environmental protection expenditure accounts, transfers paid have been removed. These data will be available in the statistics on environmental subsidies.
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Key figures

Household environmental protection expenditure

1,023Million euros
Environmental protection expenditure accounts
Updated: 25/10/2023

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Industries’ operating and investment expenditure on environmental protection by branch of industry (TOL 2008) according to the protection activity in 2021

Stacked horizontal column of industrial environmental protection expenditure by protection activity
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01 Protection of ambient air and climate02 Wastewater management03 Waste management04-09 Other environmental protection expenditures accounts
B Mining and quarrying2211116
C Manufacturing89881650
D Energy supply243058

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Referencing instructions

The statistical data released before 5.4.2022 can be found on the archive pages of the statistics.

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