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Renovation building

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Construction
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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The statistics on renovation building describe the renovation activity of building construction annually. The data concerning the value of renovation building are obtained from the financial statements of hou-sing corporations and the largest construction companies. The renovation building of housing corpora-tions is divided into two parts: renovation building of housing companies and renovation building of state-subsidised rental dwellings. The statistics on the renovation building of construction com-panies cover the renovation activity of construction companies employing at least 10 persons. The statistics also contain information about the targets of renovation buildings.

Data content

The data content of the statistics on the renovation building of housing corporations derive from their financial statements and profit and loss accounts and from a separate survey concerning renovation building. The statistical units in the survey of housing corporations is a housing company or a state-subsidised rental dwelling company. In the survey, renovation building targets are classified into lands-cape renovation of grounds, renovation of foundations, renovation of external structures, renovation of individual dwellings, renovation of heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, renovation of electrical and telecommunication systems and other renovation.

The statistical unit in the statistics on the renovation building of building companies is enterprise. The survey data contain information from the profit and loss accounts of medium-size and large construction companies (employing more than 10 persons) on their construction turnover divided into new building and renovation building. The renovation building of the companies is further divi-ded into renovation of dwellings and renovation of other buildings.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008, classification by size category, whole country, major regions, age of building.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data on housing corporations derive from an annual survey of approximately 3,000 housing companies and around 16 state-subsidised houses of rental dwellings. The survey questionnaire is sent to the managers of housing corporations when the financial statements of the previous year are finalised.

The data on the renovation building of construction companies are obtained direct from the companies. The direct data collection covers construction companies employing at least 5 persons based on sample survey.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Once a year.

Time of completion or release

The statistics are completed and published in November/December of the year following the statistical reference year.

Time series

On renovation building of housing companies starting from 1995, on that of construction companies starting from 1996.


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