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Index of real estate maintenance costs

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Prices and Costs
Related topics: Construction
Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
European Statistical System (ESS): No


The index of real estate maintenance costs describes average development in the prices of diverse cost items of real estate maintenance in the whole country, including administration, use and maintenance, upkeep of outdoor areas, cleaning, heating, water supply and sewage, electricity, waste management, insurance against loss or damage, and running maintenance.

The index describes how much the real estate’s maintenance costs have risen from the base period when no changes have taken place in the demand of the maintenance cost items.

Data content

In the publication the index of real estate maintenance costs is broken down by type of building and cost item. The divisions used are given below:

  1. Types of building and weight shares in overall index (weigh sum 1,000): Residential block of flats (509), retail trade building (114), office building (76), health care centre (49), school building (92), industrial building (143) and day care centre building (17).
  2. Cost items (weight sum 1,000) Administration (75), use and maintenance (132), upkeep of outdoor areas (36), cleaning (95), heating (227), water supply and sewage (61), electricity (105), waste management (34), insurance against loss or damage (13), and running maintenance (222).

The basic data may not be disclosed.

Classifications used

Type of building, cost item

Data collection methods and data sources

Price data collected for other indices calculated by Statistics Finland are utilised in the index.

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

Around two months from the end of the statistical reference quarter.

Time series

The time series of the index of real estate maintenance costs 2015=100 starts from the first quarter of 2015. The coverage of the renewed 2015=100 index differs from the indices of earlier base years in that it does not include real estate tax and plot rent. A special index extended with these cost items and indices of older base years are available in the Built environment service. The longest ones of these time series start from 1995.


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