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Production of electricity and heat

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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The statistics describe the production of electricity and heat and fuels consumed on production in Finland.

Data content

The statistics contain annual data on Finland's production of electricity and district and industrial heat by production mode and fuel.

Classifications used

The classification used is Statistics Finland's fuel classification.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected with an annual inquiry sent to the respondents by mail. It is also possible to reply to the inquiry electronically with an Excel form on the data collection page on the Internet and return the reply by email. Producers of nuclear, hydro and wind power were deleted from Statistics Finland's inquiry because those data are derived from the inquiry Adato Energia Oy conducts on assignment of the Finnish Energy Industries. Excluded from the inquiry for the statistical year 2005 were also those producers of combined power and heat, which besides data on electricity production, also supply data concerning heat production and fuels to Adato Energia Oy.

Data collections

Updating frequency

The data are updated once a year. In the publication of the following year the data for previous years may also become revised.

Time of completion or release

Annual data are released towards the end of the year.

Time series

Statistics Finland's database contains data from 2000 onwards. Data have been collected with Statistics Finland's inquiry since 1997. Data prior to this have been collected in connection with the inquiry on energy use in industry.


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