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Statistics on road traffic accidents

Producer: Statistics Finland
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The statistics on road traffic accidents contain diverse data on road traffic accidents involving personal injury and on persons killed and injured in them since 1931.

The data are published as preliminary every month and as final annually. The data are used to monitor the road safety situation both nationally and internationally. The data are derived from the files on road traffic accidents known by the police.

Data content

Road traffic accidents involving personal injury known to police and reported by police to Statistics Finland.

The statistics contain data on the following:

– The accident: seriousness, type, time, number of parties involved

– Location of accident: region, municipality, location on road network, speed limit, intersection

  • Conditions: road conditions (dry, wet…), weather (clear, rainy…), light conditions

– Parties involved: road user group, age, gender, nationality, breathalyser test result, use of intoxicants, driving licence details, personal identification details.

The data cover all fatal accidents and the vast majority of accidents involving personal injury. The annual publication includes all accidents. The data on individual units are confidential.

Classifications used

The statistics are produced by all regional divisions based on municipalities, such as whole country, region, sub-regional unit and municipality.

Data collection methods and data sources

Road traffic accidents involving personal injury entered into the information system of police and reported by police to Statistics Finland. The data on accidents are recorded into the police computer system from where they are transferred to Statistics Finland three times per month. The data from police are supplemented with data from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom and from Statistics Finland’s statistics on causes of death.

Updating frequency

Preliminary data are updated monthly.

Time of completion or release

Preliminary data for the current month are at the latest in the second last week of the following month. The annual publication will be published in January at a delay of one year.

Time series

Data are available starting from 1931


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