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Central government monthly salaries

Producer: Statistics Finland
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Main topic: Wages, Salaries and Labour Costs
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The statistics on central government monthly salaries describe the numbers and earnings of employees remunerated within the framework of the national budget by variables like industry, occupation, education, gender and age.

The statistics on central government monthly salaries have been compiled since 2006 from data received from the TAHTI information system maintained by the State Treasury. The data describe the service relationships valid on the last day of November of the statistical reference year.

Data content

Data on the service relationships and pay of state employees.

Background information on employees includes data on gender, age/age group, field of educational qualification and nationality. Information on the employer and workplace includes data on name of office or agency, pertaining main budget division and item, and municipality of location. Information on service relationships includes data on occupational title, full-time/part-time, permanent/fixed-term, duration of service and holiday entitlement. Information on earnings includes data on actual pay, earnings for regular working hours, total earnings and paid supplementary allowances. Information on working hours includes data on pertaining working hours regulation and weekly working hours.

The data are mainly public, but all unit-specific data are confidential.

Data on salaries are only published for groups comprising at least six persons and data on occupational titles for groups comprising at least 30 persons. Data on the salaries of individual state agencies and offices are not available. .

Classifications used

The most used classification variables are occupation, education, gender, age group, type of service relationship, main budget division, industry, region and province.

Data collection methods and data sources

Up to 2005 the Ministry of Finance was authorised by the State Treasury to collect data from the agencies, institutions and ministries financed from the national budget on their service relationships by individual person and Statistics Finland received annually the file containing these data for November. From 2006 onwards the data have been received from the TAHTI information system maintained by the State Treasury. In respect of monthly paid employees, the data cover both those with employment contracts and those with public sector employment contracts.

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

The data are published annually in June.

Time series

Data on the salaries of state employees with public sector employment contracts are available starting from 1963 and on those of state employees with employment contracts starting from 1966. Unified files for the data are available starting from 1990 and 1994.


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